Springy Noodles to Touch Your Heart

Deluxe Noodles with Rich Broth Lunch Set

If there is one thing Hong Kong people love, it is noodle. Di King Heen has an authentic yet innovative answer to noodles that you have been waiting for. The four flavours of mellow and rich broth are the keys to delicacy. With the selection of deluxe noodles and exquisite ingredients, your hearty delight is encompassing all elements of taste and texture into each bite. Is a bowl of noodle ever enough? The classic dim sum will top you up.

Delicate Dim Sum (TWO Items) +Deluxe Cuisine (ONE Item) +Noodle and Rich Broth (ONE Item Each) +Poached Choy Sum | HK$158 per person

  • Not available on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday
  • Subject to availability
  • Terms and conditions apply